Magnetic Resonance and Magnets


MRI & Magnets

The biggest and most important component of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner is its magnet.

The image quality of the MRI scanner depends on the strength of this magnet.

The strength of the magnetic field of a magnet is measured in Tesla units. This unit was announced in 1960 and named in honour of Nikola Tesla (1856 –1943) a Serbian-American inventor, engineer, mechanical and physicist.

For example, the Earth magnetic field is only 0.00005 Tesla, and a refrigerator magnet is 0.001 Tesla!

An average MRI machine is 1,5 Tesla, but they can go higher than 3 Tesla, and every day scientists improve this huge magnets! There are some news about 10.5T! –>10.5 Tesla MRI scanner


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