Drogon, Dracarys! Dracarys!

Are you into Games of Thrones? Dracarys!

GoT season 7 finale is around the corner! So I drew this “i-am-tired-of-your-*&%$#” Drogon. I wanted to try some childish/naïf style of illustration.

I made the sketch on an iPad Pro and then move to Photoshop (with a Wacom tablet).

A closer look for details:

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Grand Opening of ladvic.com

Hello there! Grand opening today 21-08-2017!! I am officially opening ladvic.com!

There are still some minor things to tidy and put in place, but you can go around freely and see the place.

If you find something that is not working or you have some suggestion, please write me.

You can suscribe if you want to recieve updates.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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