About ladvic

I’m Luis Domitrovic (ladvic), a neurosurgeon and radiologist (with focus on Neurointerventionism) who draws and paint.

The multiple twists of life took me from Argentina (where I was born) to Spain, where I live now.

I enjoy drawing since I was a kid. You could see me drawing on any piece of paper I could find around. I kept drawing in medical school, and also after that. As people found out that I draw, I had the opportunity to illustrate medical books, scientific papers and presentations, and other projects.

What I like about illustrating is the opportunity to think how to show and express concepts, giving them a unique and original view.

I enjoy drawing and painting in assorted styles (traditional and digital), but I enjoy anatomical and surreal ones the most.

If you’d like to get in touch you can mail me at illustration@ladvic.com